FlexiGen-P: Waste heat recovery for power generation

ORC power generator waste heatWaste heat recovery for power generation

FlexiGen-P (power-only) enables you to utilize excess or ‘waste’ heat to generate electricity. This ORC-only system is the stream-lined version of FlexiGen, without any compromise on performance. FlexiGen-P operates in the same input heat temperature range as FlexiGen(50-220oC) and consists of similar key components such as pumps, heat exchangers and expanders.

The entire system is designed according to the customer’s system, with a power output of 50-500kW. Systems with higher power output can achieve better part-load performances, as they have multiple expanders connected in parallel. There are low operating and maintenance costs associated with FlexiGen-P and there is no risk of disruption of existing core processes.

low temperature waste heat cost savings clean energy zero emission

FlexiGen-P is available globally – please email for more enquiries FlexiGenP product brief.